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"Human History," -> Rough Edge Written,->90 Yr Old Blogger->[Sometimes Confirm Facts Difficult]


This Blog has been a communication, to a World Wide Audience  that represents over 85 Countries and  a near 100,000 Page Views  of reading by others. 

The decision is to spend time and research to communicate Notes about Special individuals or Events.  This may become a Book.  Other Individuals may Contribute, based on their Experiences with this  kind of Information. [My Rough Style, Will Show Interest But Sometimes Rough Around the Edges] .  I think these notes  might encourage others to participate and they would be welcome.

The information published in these history notes, is found from  written by others.  I do not introduce this information, to suggest I am an expert in History.  My experience in Human Skills Evaluation  has encouraged my interest of Human History. 

When Reading this Blog I will, when necessary, Insert a Blog Note of a Certain Present Event.  It is important to understand the Process and to understand my Presentation.  At 90 Years Old my interest has made me feel some responsibility for the mistakes we find in selling Freedom and Justice.  I am trying to help by communicating  positive History.


So the following represents my Number one  -->  Human History Story, that was responsible for this "Human History" Idea.

                                                  Lets Get Started !

First I need to thank  -  Luis Alberta Urrea,  the Author  of a story in the Saturday New York Times, {May 13, 2023 Opinion Page.}  A story about his Mother, who was one of  the American Red Cross Clubmobile Women, supplying the American  Army with Coffee and  Doughnuts on the battlefield in the "Second World War".   These Women represent the History of individuals who step up to making things better .  Luis in proud of his Mother and how she took on such a difficult responsibility.  

The Second World War brought out many who wanted to help our Service Women and Men in anyway possible.  These kind of stories will  mean something, when reading notes like this to remind us that America is for the most part, a Country of Citizens ready to help others.

The Red Cross has had a record of supporting us in all kinds of problems.  I remember speaking to a group of Red Cross workers just after 911.  War or Storm, they can be seen helping were needed.

I know the author of the newspaper article, wants us to remember his Mother, and want him to know,  we will. 

 *** End History #1


Human History # 2 -->  Represents the Human practice of the relationship of a  Corporation and its employees.  "labor Victory", the head line in the media about a company and their employees who won their election to have a union represent them. Here we have politics and the federal government stepping to help the employees gain this representation.  A Human History that represents decades of  the fight of employees, to find their way to better wages and benefits.   Here I step into a subject that I have  experience.  I was the management representative assisting the corporations.

This working battlefield has been troubled with the profit requirements and pressure from investors.   The need for unions are necessary.  Corporate is filled with profit decisions that allow them to use the labor cost, a greed filled policy.  Government steps in and becomes a disruptive partner  and participant for the Corporations. [ Opinion is an additional Foot Note of information ]   

In many other countries the union has a union representative on the corporate board, representing the employee's positions.   Not such a bad idea based on  the, all to work together idea. 

Now all kinds of additional facts are responsible for the labor battlefield.  This company location is in the south of the USA.  An American geo practice of lower wages is an ongoing problem.  A Florida School Teacher is the lowest payed teacher in America.  These teachers have the worse Union in the USA and in this case both union and employer are in concert with problems.

Union approach is an effective decision with well organized assistance.  Making the direct approach is a better move to avoid the back door stuff.  Corporate to stop this activity will still be poorly administered.  The pressure from the Profit gang is hard to keep a clean activity.   The employee interest is the main reason for the move to organize and the clean activity has problems here also.  It is important to Keep the fight clean and effective.

This History Event is filled with all kinds of Human History.   

 *** End History # 2


Human History  #3   

The following Human History Notes represents a very large group of individuals in American History.  Some have passed on and others are still with us .  It represents American Freedom and  all that is necessary to keep it as a Democracy.  Lets right up front make clear that this History Note is going to try to address issues and not point to our feelings who is responsible.   [Not an Easy Task]  

This is a  --> HISTORY THAT REQUIERS A BOOK  FILLED WITH HUMAN HISTORY --  I like to fit THIS into a smaller Human History Note of information.   { Lets Try }

We know the Right and Left Issues and a great deal of activity responsible for all kinds of problems.  I want to begin with the Human and  why this Historical Part of our Human History is rusty and damaged.  It seems more damage is growing with little positive effort to FIX.  I like to explain different Human Behaver that may have built a Road of Mistakes  and poor decisions.

We listen and read what the media feels is important.  Not a critical view, but the media represents a large group of corporations in business.  Their business is, be the first or the best communication of all that happens.  If out in front with the best following, it is profit and success. Their communication paint job has to be impressive and popular.

Media or the Press, as some view them is this source of what is happening, part of the information blasting at us on OUR daily LIFE.  I do not need to explain the other choices if you are reading this "Human History Note".    It is just a simple human reaction of who is telling the truth.  Your Choice and Mine is the decision that is OUR Major Human History Battlefield. 

In my " " ,  their is this War to be discussed and determine the "Victors and Winners" to look forward too.   So far I can only see LOSERS.  I will give you my Note of Example of a Human History Failure .

Florida Politics !

One Major Political Party has taken over this very large state and  in a number of different political activities .  The result is the State Senate and House of Representatives will be represented by this party for a lease 30 more years.  { Not counting the last 30 years of power } .  

[[ The other of the two major political parties has had trouble within their organization not being able to compete with the party in charge. ]]         (( Making sure you read this  in a new color ))

The detail information to me is very strong and ugly.  I represent only what has been given to me and  --VERY HARD TO CONFIRM --.  it seems that candidates picked from the losing party has made it difficult to win any election of importance.  The remarks to me have been the Nation Party of this losing party has not been helpful.  Again I can not confirm this information, but bring it t your attention.

My concern is has this been a policy or reason for some other states having this problem?  I am not pointing a finger of failure in Government and Human History.   I SEE this as our Human History in this part of our Life.   

Should We be CONCERN ???           

***  END  Human History  # 3


Human History  # 4                             Coming SOON !

Human History, represents  Notes of  History. Remember yesterday is history already.  Years or only hours are issues that are important to our Human History. 


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