Wednesday, January 25, 2023

HUMAN RISK FAILURE "Superfund CLEAN-UP" Errant Information [ FAKE] -->By EPA.... U. S Federal Government.

This Public Interest Issue represents a complete Failure of the American Federal Government to Clean Up an environment that has been killing  thousands of American Citizens for decades.  This has been a failure starting in 1980, the year the legislation was approved to correct this problem.  The money to fund this Clean Up, was stopped in 1995 by the Republican Party. 

Like many Federal Responsibilities, dealing with important Public interests, this Failed Clean Up of  toxic waste, was dumped all over the USA by Corrupt Corporations.  The most number of Superfund Sites are in the State of "New Jersey".

The name "Superfund" comes from the Fund Set up for guilty Corporations who were enforced to pay based on their violations.  { Stopped in 1995 by a Republican Congress }  The so called clean Up goals by our government has been unrealistic and was never changed, to stop the sickness and death it created.  { Covering Sites procedures might last only 5 years, and then more toxic release to kill MORE }.  

The Clean Up technology in most sites will not work.  The government keeps telling us it is working and this is another government LIE.

The government does a TRI, a Toxic Release Inventory of the area within 25 miles of Superfund Sites and other active industrial Toxic Release. They make their reports sound good, but these sites are responsible for a Killer Environment in America.  I live in a New Jersey County with 11 Superfund Sites.  One is, one of the worse sites in the USA.  { Monmouth County with a Republican Congressman in Office for 42 Years } 

For those who might feel this is a political party trick, I am an Independent.  I cannot prove a Democrat would have been any better.

This is not just a presentation, because I have been trying to stop this failure, for 10 years as an activist  effort, to stop this criminal activity.  Law firms have given up after using up their resources to solve this disaster.  Class Action has been stopped by our Political Directed Court System.  Politics with a black robe.

Information published saying there is a 10 mile risk area around a Superfund site is a questionable statement.  That in my opinion, is not truthful.  Toxic Release just stopping at the 10 mile marker?  I am not an expert in toxic travel, but that to me is just BULL.  Just watch the black smoke coming out of an Active Industrial Release Device, traveling  for miles. 

You should see what a strong storm does with the toxins from a superfund site that spreads.  That travel could be from one state to another and to Residential  parts of the country.

Watch the picture of storm damage on TV and think how a Superfund site 100 miles away could be dropping their Toxic Material on top of YOUR damaged buildings and the earth around the damage. 

I am presently trying to interest the Federal Government Elected Officials in New Jersey to save Lives.  Maybe you might think about your state.  I have tried to get some Senators to answer my request to help now.  It has be weeks since trying to get an answer.  It's not an easy task to get your government to work on killer Problems.  { In 25 days history of 2023, almost 50 shootings killing your friends and mine }

Sorry but my question is, Why Does Truth lose its Power in dealing with the Our Federal Government ?

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