Friday, November 11, 2022


Well guys its time to LET the LADIES Improve Our Life, Government, Politics and Clean Up Your MESS. 

Sorry guys but CHANGE has been waiting for America to understand the need for THIS Important Decision.

This Guy, Bob Hallman, has wanted this change to take place ASAP.  So Men Do not be stupid and try to place us back into the past Failures. 

The world will react positive to this event.  America has made it clear that this Stupid Activity was not going to continue.

This was an American Win.  Democrats need to take advantage to this change and DO NOT Screw Up !!  They need to take this chance to clean up Poor & Failed Political Problems in Their Party

The Democrats Failed Organization in FLORIDA !  Republicans in Florida did not Win, but Democrats LOST!!!

Florida Democrats have been sliding down as a failed organizations for 25 years in Florida.  Consider my opinion, since I had first hand experience in this issue.  This can not be blamed on Trump.

Florida Democrats have had Poor and Failed State Candidates for Decades. They can not do this themselves.  It is Failed Leadership and lazy efforts to accomplish any kind of effective political organization.  {Trump should feel right at home with this gang }

This last Election was the first time in over 25 years an outstanding  Candidate  ran for the Federal Senate.  In fact a Candidate that hopeful will kick ass in Florida to get things going in the right direction !! The National Democratic  Party Leadership has not stepped up to solve this problem.  Too interested in fighting with themselves. 

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