Saturday, October 22, 2022


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💀 KILLER TOXIC WASTE --->  "114" Toxic Sites in New Jersey & "295" Total Sites --> Jersey-New York-Pennsylvania.  North East Very Bad !!

Millions of Americans live near a Superfund Toxic Site. One in six Americans live within 3 miles of toxic waste sites spreading Chemicals like, Mercury, Lead, Asbestos, Arsenic, and so many other dangerous toxins. 

At least 1700 locations with this kind of problem reported since 1980.  Not until lately, the Infrastructure law, Biden pushed through, limited major attention has been done in over 25 Years. Republicans, {no surprise Republican Senate, stopped the law that made guilty corporations pay to clean them up}  

Well folks this kind of environment crime takes decades to make a difference.  Starting again is good, but will take a very long time to clean some of them up. {Wood treatment sites and  nuclear sites will never improve}.  A nuclear site near St Louis was reported again just recently and closed a high School for maybe for ever. 

I worked with a number of communities to correct its toxic site during a period of 10 years.  Little was done because of the politics paid for by Corporate America, the guilty toxic spilling gang.  Killing Americans seems to be their Regular Corporate Policy.

So toxic waste, stop Social Security, keep wage rates low as possible, limit benefits, and anything to keep their profits higher and higher is our America corporate influence.   

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