Wednesday, October 19, 2022

SPECIAL PURPOSE * INFLUENCE-SPECIALIST -- General Public & Senior Issues. Blog, will take on the Responsibility of a  "Influence Specialist" to help Senior & Public Issues.  

This Blog is building a Influence Agenda, to improve Public & Senior Issues.  The Blog Posts will publish information designed to influence changes to improve the problems faced by our population.  Research will explain the effort of forces involved with poor policy and government decisions.-><-Blog, has made an effort to express an opinion based on the available research concerning so many issues.  Present sources have made it difficult to suggest reasonable solutions.  A Major Political Party is making a major effort to defeat American Democracy.  This destructive idea has given America a bad name and position in the world.  Its hard to advise other countries, when you are filled with criminal politics.  The recent Mid-Term Election is a new positive sign that America has decided to dump all this negative and destructive policy supported by the Republican Political Party.  A fight to stop this bad movement must continue to stay active. Our courts have joined the destructive program.  The rights of American citizens is challenged every day.  Lies seem to be the language most used by our destructive community.  Violence has been introduced, to scare those who want changes.  History will repeat their rotten plan to make America a failed nation.  A fight to stop this shameful action, must take a strong move.  Sitting with folded hands is not an option.

Keep fighting America!!!  

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