Friday, October 28, 2022

Importance of Social Capital


Social Capital --------->

 Social Capital is define a number of ways, based on the opinion of those who try to define its importance.  My interest involves the human attention given to Public Issues.  The quality of attention is developed by all kinds of influence by communication devices built by so many special interest, in competition with each other.

Media of all types, --> Government, Organized Political Sources, Religion, Educational Sources, Individual World Countries, and Folks Like Me.  [others could be included}  

Beliefs or Objectives involvement is an important part of this human structure.  Some call it, "Culture Industry".  So my position of its importance involves the use of these  human devices.  The twisted lies and very bad information mixed in with other bad events, like violence will destroy our lives. 

I live with a large senior community including mostly those from ages 65 to as high as 110.  {mostly 70's & 80"s}.  We have lived through a certain part of history that has given us certain feelings of order and lawfulness.  However many are influenced by the bad influence dumped by the "American Corporate, "Profit Before or Instead of Customers".  Greed is an Important Business Issue with only Corporate Investment as Number ONE !   They just do not give a Damn about Us. 

Now in 2022 we find a political influence is pushing America into a structure very much like a growing Fascist Government.  History will document this horrible life, we have recently experienced. 

This post will be assigned to Twitter, to include the Social Media to take pop shots at this presentation.  That is part of the Social Capital we find ourselves in today.

History will leave a scar on our political events of lies and violence.  The acceptance of this kind of politics is an F- Grade assigned to our culture.  A serious Report Card, that says we Flunked.


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