Monday, October 17, 2022

" Echoes From The Past !! " *Remember* " History Is NOT A Fairytale !! " *Truth Represents Honesty !!!*

This information, represents both facts and opinion. This Post, explaining to our older folks, about all the lies and criminal actions.   We need to explain to ourselves the requirement to filter the lies and follow up on the criminal activity.

Difficult as it is, this Post will try to balance all necessary issues involved.  

I have explained in detail, in an earlier Post, the 1933 political action in Germany.

The politics in Germany created a political crisis to make it difficult to form a majority government. (Sounds like NOW in the USA) . 

Their German Democracy, then moved to a Dictatorship.  The voting public were mad as hell at their government based on a poor World World War 1 settlement. {America has to deal with a poorly informed voting public stirred up by lies created by Democracy Removers }

This is a perfect example of "Echoes From The Past".  Public information twisted, to create an action of lies to give special advantages to  special interests in politics  that creates dishonesty. We are now experiencing tragic events.

We have MOVED TO vote our way out of this disaster.  November was our first shot to achieve this goal.  So folks, this month of 10/2022, the Supreme Court, will hear a case for a State to NULIFY FEDERAL SENATE AND REPRESENATIVES ELECTIONS.  In addition, our Supreme Court has its own agenda, dumping past decisions. { a step toward having a Dictator }  They have set the fire of political disaster.  Democracy was in a serious position in America. Lets hope the Election results will start a better result.

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