Thursday, October 27, 2022

Almost 25% Retired Americans Live Off Social Security--Republicans want to STOP Social Security !!!


Consider the Republican interest in stopping Social Security.  This is the only income received by almost 25% of retired individuals in America.   Corporate America has stopped pension plans because they just want that money for their CEO's, who make in some cases, 400% more than their employees.

If you are one of the almost 25%, my Blog wants to communicate your need to stop the Republican attack of the retirement community.  I am part of that community and want America to understand the nasty and stupid interest of the Republicans.

This is not a new project of the Republicans.  Their interest to punish seniors is well known and understood.  To be frank, they just do not give a damn.  They are the army of destruction.  I think it is time to give them some destruction.  

This Blog's interest is in full support of the senior community.  It represents an Influence purpose to communicate all facts associated with this very important part of the American. 


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