Wednesday, October 6, 2021

BBB "Better Business Bureau" NOT INTERESTED In Special Program To Help Seniors

I tried to volunteer to assist in getting BBB interested in a program designed to help Seniors that are Targeted Daily by Scams to steal their money.  BBB has a program for Veterans and they should have a Special Program for Vets. 

I and my Senior friends ( I am 88 ) receive at least one call a day saying they are the Social Security Office and need more information or they are the IRS asking the same question.  Then they find a way to steal your money.  There are so many other Scam phone calls trying different lies too STEAL OUR $MONEY. I hope I have been misinformed, but after communicating with the Jacksonville, Florida Leadership of the BBB, received a negative response.  More like "why are you bothering me" response.

We are now in a culture that has no interest in helping those who have been treated as second class citizens for decades.  

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