Friday, September 24, 2021



" 4 Just 2 Help "  is the only Cry Out that makes any sense in our present life of misinformation.  The Misinformation Fog is now moving our life experiences into a large hole of lies and failure.  Years of struggle are going to keep us off balance with little success to look forward too.  Moving a human effort to change this destructive culture seems more than just difficult.  The weight of failure is growing in drastic directions.

I and others have jumped form issue to issue trying to find a grove that would help.  I know my effort has been a complete Bust.  I have tried to lean back on those experiences that I have had success.  That for me has not worked.  The world population is not in the mood to listen.  They are pissed off and keep looking for those who they feel are responsible for this world of fire and destruction.

"4 Just 2 Help " sounds good, but what the Hell is the correct Help that we all need ?   Are there so many individuals so stupid that they believe all these Dark and Nasty Lies ?  Well I can answer that question now after spending too much time listening to them.  Yes there is a very large stupid bunch out there that are looking for an easy and selfish answer to their problems.  That doesn't make me and others the Smart Gang folks.  We just take the time to look for and find the FACTS.

It is time to build a fire under those of us who want our Grandchildren to live in a reasonable and honest World.  Too many Liars are painting a picture of right bending ideas to push the not so strong citizens into a hole of failure for their benefit only.  It's time folks to slap these dictatorial types down by hot and heavy HONESTY.

Honesty is a strong and clean cut weapon difficult to manage in fighting liars.  Liars slide from side to side by using small bits of truth with a hot gravy of lies.  The lie gravy stains the facts and honesty.  Skilled Liars can make a lie very attractive and shinning with money moving deep into destruction.  Examples are sailing through Facebook and Twitter like fast moving lighting. Striking the lies over lies, over lies, over lies. 

So as I continue my presentation consider the " 4 Just 2 Help " idea and where is the answer ?  I am going to leave you for a period of time trying to find the answer.  You might want to consider trying to do the same.  ------> 4 Just 2 Help !!!        

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