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Sunday, February 21, 2021


START community interest in the control of hate, anger and violence associated with political differences.  Defeating differences using Violence will spin the wheels of failure to change the ideas and values of others based on a very long list of issues.  Breaking windows and killing will only extend the time spent fighting a losing battle.  

Starting a third political party has proven to only confuse and increase the battle to solve problems.  I had first hand experience in this activity that had a good feeling that spilled back into the same problems the two major parties had failed to solve.  Human Nature does not change by just changing the name.

Clubs and hand cuffs will only increase the pain and anger associated with violence.  A plan by the community to establish trust, plus safety is the only effort to ensure any kind of success.  Government can begin this effort by working with all levels of government.

I am suggesting in my community to try this kind of activity.  First getting Federal and State Elected Officials to meet to discuss adjusting if required,  to help solve this problem.  Just yesterday I spent time on the phone suggesting this to the staff of my Congressional Representative.  A small step to keep the effort from starting a Republican and Democratic struggle.  Trust and meeting the needs of constituents without team fighting is necessary.

I have strong opinions about what I have seen as failure of both political parties in the state of Florida.  If I can help place the weapon of differences into a neutral place,  maybe common sense and trust can win this battle. In my 50 years of planning solutions,  fighting in politics has been hard but not impossible to sit and make a reasonable deal to success. 

Now, 60 to 70 percent of Americans want to solve our differences. Government is not perfect but they are our best chance to GET IT FIXED. 

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