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Monday, February 22, 2021

Avoiding Emerging Jan. 6 Type Threats **Fusion Authority**

The Spill Bean Breaking News, is America already has, organized  Fusion authority to find and establish necessary assistance to find and control Active Violent Groups.  Each state has its own local administrative set up for Emerging Threats. { Use present government authority for assistance with this kind of serious problem }

I am trying to convince our Congressional Representative to meet with our local elected officials {Local, County, and State} to work with Florida's Fusion Agency to set forth programs for North Central Florida, to take the necessary steps to address all organized groups with possible planning to start Violent Events.   This Agency already has the necessary contacts with additional  community authority.  Since certain organizations are now communicating their interest in killing government officials, we need to stop this effort.  

This information on Fusion Centers is now fully explained for the public, {Just Google} but not discussed or reported by the media.  Lets make sure everyone knows, including our Violent Friends, we as citizens will be encouraged to report any kind of knowledge related to Violent Plans to this agency 24/7.  Stop the Plan is better than following investigations of a deadly event after it happens.

Then we need the front page news journalists to research this information giving America the understanding that Jan 6 type disaster will be very difficult to repeat.  Making sure the next time you see a uniform, it is the real thing and not an angry Activist.

We give notice by force when required, to other countries when they attack us by killing our citizens.  Seems attacking our citizens within our borders should have the same result.  Inspection of organized locations for training of this kind of operation should be part of our Fusion Responsibility.  Time to take necessary steps to stop this unlawful activity.

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