Tuesday, May 12, 2020


OK Folks  " Truth Matters" and Truth is Buried on a daily bases by communication efforts with Political, Corporate, Social Media, and so many other communication sources.  Yes  Blogs have been known to give Truth a push off the Honest Wagon from time to time.  4spilllingthebeans.com will make the necessary efforts to tell the truth and when it comes to the Political and Government Issues will check with our "Vote Smart" Service a non-partisan checking source telling the Truth for over 30 Years.   We have been contacted by a Radio Group to do a weekly radio program on this same subject of "Truth".  No decision has been made as of 5/12/2020 but within the near future such a program might start for all to hear including some of our over 60 other Country Followers than the USA.  We are also considering a Mascot as part of this idea.

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