Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Recent History of War & Politics

We have been living in an historic War Cycle for a very long period of time. It has created a difficult way of life for the small percentage of our population that enlisted (Both Men & Women) into the Armed Forces. Our volunteer military citizen force has repeatedly returned to the battle fields as many as 10 times to foreign locations. Documentation films, books and articles feature difficult times these individuals and their families have endured.  I had a military education with an interest in a military career and graduated from one of our Military Colleges. It is hard to understand the difficult times experienced by these individuals and the families that support them. Watching  a documentary or reading a written story is forgotten almost immediately. Watching film of these families saying goodbye to close family members returning to the battle field is impossible to understand without first hand experience.   

War Politics is a difficult part of our history. Decisions concerning the need or importance of War will always be debated in this country.   Our leadership has made a great many mistakes that has stained our Democracy.  Often the need to fight for our very existence has been necessary. Like the rest of our Politics it has been the Special Interests who have designed our policy to take on conflicts with failed results. (President Eisenhower warned us we were moving in this direction)

History and our mistakes are not considered in War Policy Decisions. It is hard to understand why this continues to happen. Nation building has been our Achilles Heel. Convincing ourselves we are building another Democracy that will help our new pals doesn't work. Our present Managed Democracy as apposed to the original Self Govern Democracy is changing the culture of this nation. Those in the Special Interest Business who see War as a chance for improving personal wealth are destructive and criminal.

We live on a planet that will always include conflicts.  Honest and Intelligent Politics could be a reasonable solution to limit these kinds of Tragic Events.  Both political parties include Hawk Candidates for the Presidential Election in 2016. The Flag Waving political ads will fill the TV screens.

Without listing the Countries and War locations, how are we doing?  (Not so good) The Body Bags are still coming back to the Delaware Air Base with the Draped Flags. Why do our citizens tolerate this outcome?  Security is important but mistakes still continue as part of our history?  

This criticism and opinion is written by a very patriotic guy who loves this country.  I consider myself an "Equal Opportunity Critic" and find myself very upset with the leadership results and poor public trust. A good fight that all share in the costs with full participation is not our policy. Why not? 

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