Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Trusting Congress ???

A 10 year drafted budget passed the House of Representatives, March 25, 2015, 228 to 199.  This vote represented the Republican Budget that will cut domestic spending and increase Military spending.  The Democrats also voted on a Budget that would raise taxes on the wealthy and increased domestic spending as an investment on the future. This vote was defeated 264 to 160. Details concerning these political movements in Congress can only make sense if we have the details explaining the reasons for the difference in the two budget votes. 

One would think that a Congressional Representative would explain his or hers position on each vote to it's Constituents. (That means how it affects those they represent in an reasonable detailed fashion)  These Partisan Votes are especially worthy of individual position explanation since the counting of the votes is usually decided in each Political Party Caucus. (Partisan decision meeting prior to vote)

Based on my past experience, Congressional Representatives who fail to respond or explain difficult issues associated with proposed legislation do not understand the vote decisions. This important elected office requires Good Character and Competence. 


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