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Saturday, May 8, 2021


 It is 👌 OK to ask for help in finding Employment Folks.  Finding help can be confused with lots of time and energy required and also very difficult in our present life experiences.

There so many, so called experts looking to make some money, while helping you find all that fits your goals.  You need to find more than a pay check or a gamble for the future.  Experts are fine, but one idea does not fit all of you and your situation.  Consider the organized  Outplacement  type idea used to fine employment using structured activity built for good results.  Get on the computer and spend a few hours checking this service and find their ideas and how it might fit your job hunt.  No do not pay for the idea, but pick out the information listed that might help. 

👌 OK now find maybe three individuals or more and make sure both male and female in the group.  Have them study the Outplacement idea on the computer and have a coffee meeting to discuss the findings.  MOST OF THE GROUP SHOULD BE LOOKING FOR EMPLOYMENT.   Make your get together relaxed and keep the conversation easy and have someone take notes to refer to at your 2nd meeting and other meetings.   

Consider the details of the information like how to use others for leads, prepare for interview, how to dress, (sorry this is more important than you think) who to use as reference, truth better than fiction, basic resume ideas, have a list of information to use for answers in interview, and how to cold call for an interview.  There is more to consider but if you only check and use these suggestions you are a leg up on most others being interviewed.

I can only say that planning with this issue is important because it can make life a little better dealing with such an important decision you must make.  Helping others while helping yourself is good for the brain and feelings.  I do not have all the answers in this short note and hope my suggestions are helpful.


Congressional & Senate - "FIX IT" - Mobile Office with Staff Worker - 4 - Government Issues & LISTEN !!

👂👂   Start with Major Responsibility of all elected officials and their requirement to Represent their Constituents no matter their voter registration with Government Issues that impact their life.  Listen without political consideration, their need for assistance and respond with Professional Attention.  This Blog now spending time and effort to eliminate the failed response, too often associated with the constant failed assistance of government attention to their problems.

I have been researching with First Hand attention, this problem and find that a large percentage of elected officials give this issue little or no attention.  Staff in many cases are poorly trained and know their lack of interest to follow up is acceptable to their supervision.  We as Constituents need to enforce a correction by complaint to the media, who needs to communicate this issue.  

Eight to ten phone calls for information or an answer without attention, is common practice. We as the voting public also represent a correction failure, because we do not punish at election time.

👂👂My suggestion and correction: To establish as one of the office locations for each Federal and State or Large City elected official a Mobile Office that moves to schedule locations each month for this assistance and service.  A cost reduction because this idea will have a savings rather than a rental building cost.

The resistance to this suggestion will be to bury this reasonable idea.  All kinds of reasons will be to keep Representative Locations limited to avoid the need to serve the public.