Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Important to explain my method of written communication by stating in writing Oral Speech Like Statements followed by {dot dot dot} ... 

" Facts Matter " a statement being used by an number of organizations and individuals wanting to communicate that which is not explained by our Government and the Media...I have made the decision to USE the Organization "Vote Smart" established in 1992 to bring  "Facts Matters " to America's Attention...I had started to pay only attention to the Washington Investigations and found that only represents a small part of what is needed to communicate...This nonpartisan organization was started by John McCain and Jimmy Carter along with many who saw the need to explain the information not reported by the media and others at all levels of Government...

Vote Smart has spent a great deal of effort to keep the voting public informed concerning Candidates [Incumbents & New Candidates] running for office [National, State, County, City, and Local]...

Their Biographies-Their Voting Records-Their Issue Positions- Their Public Comments-Their Special Interest Ratings- Their Financial Contributions...Yes-- use your SMART PHONE !...
                Their Phone Number is   1-888-VoteSmart

                        Others Now Using Vote Smart 
U. S. Department of Defense
Fox  News
New York Times
A. P.
USA Today
National Journal
...and 11 Million Others