Thursday, February 13, 2020

Bernie Sanders "What's The $$$ Cost" ???

 Folks just a short time coming up that might push Sanders into a position of winning the nomination for running as a Socialist Democrat for President of our USA.  This decision by vote from the Democratic Party without an ANSWER FROM SANDERS  explaining cost information concerning his health care position,  free college including current pay back of borrowed funds, using a tax not fully spelled out, and his over all political policy of Socialism.  On 60 Min. Sunday  [2/23/2020] with a smile on his face says he does not know the dollar and cent answer to that question.  Ok now the Democrats are getting scared and in their usual last min. attention to problems are attacking him for answers.  Democratic Candidates eating their young stupid debate performance arranged by a NBC group only interested in their rating score, shows the rest of the world how we fail to keep a Democracy Alive.

Watching a Bloomberg local campaign group fumble with those who know little about a campaign is one of the decisions to solve this problem.  Bloomberg has trouble standing up with his fellow candidates to explain his position.  The other Candidates leave Sanders bang them into a losing position.  Where's the Beef Folks ?? 

This POST will GROW as the days go by and keep in touch with  story about what the Hell we are doing to our Democracy Folks !!!

LET US START WITH THE MEDICAL COST not explained and filled with maybe tax and that other countries have a single payer program for all their citizens.  Did that happen over night like Bernie wants to do ?  Instead of dumping all insurance corporations set up a 3 year idea of changing them to Not for Profit Organizations keeping those working for them full employment.  Rome not built in one day.  Work with government giving the responsibility of running this kind of change.  Keep all now insured and come to an understanding rather shout at each other all the time.  Tell the Republicans to get out of bed with Insurance and drug firms.  If this seems too difficult come up with a better solution folks.

LET US TALK FREE COLLEGE ALSO not explained by Bernie.  This idea is the Bribe much bigger than any other campaign money now in action.  Bribe the kids knowing it is impossible to achieve folks.  So why not work on this like first year paid by student or their parents starting with year two and cut the degree time in school to three years.  Or maybe some other smart idea.  Tax the rich is not a bad idea but make them share in the cost of running ALL the government. 

It did not take a mental giant to start to think, not shout stupid ideas and pay attention to some LIAR Campaign ideas to get elected and then sit and wonder why it does not work folks.  I am 87 and wonder what has happen to the a so called government run by those who only think of re-election and personal issues.  Why does the population vote for these close to criminal status individuals with very FAT WALLETS.  Instead of carried political signs with a candidate name carry signs with Important Issues listed and ask the Candidate what the Hell She or He is going to do to correct the corruption and stupid  Foreign Policy we now support. World is watching and now has lost all trust in working with us.  I know because a large number of other countries read my BLOG.  Want to know WHY folks.