Thursday, August 27, 2020


OK the Truth has been scarce so far in this year of 2020. and great many have found that those in government leadership have lied  to us as part of their policy and decisions.  We in America need to find our way to a more truthful nation.  This Blog has been an international means of communication by "Spilling The Beans Blog" since August 2015 telling what we feel is the Truth.  Often we find it difficult and will from now forward ask the organization Vote Smart to Fact Check those issues dealing with politics and elections.  They have been doing this effectively for the last 30 years.  We intend to promote the subject of TRUTH with lots of communication devices. 

Our recent Virus mistakes and complete failure to take the necessary steps suggested by our science experts during the last 10 months leaving a deep death hole in our country.  Other nations having the same problems have been watching us fumble with sloppy policy and actions.  These actions now responsible for the large number of deaths we experience daily [ Over 1000 Daily with over all total of over 200,000 ]. 

Our most difficult issue is the Unfit President Donald Trump.  He has lied to us at least 50,000 times since he became our President in a very questionable administered election in 2016.  Corruption is pored into our government on a daily bases.  Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives but not kicked out by the corrupt Republican Senate.   A very bad black mark in our history leaving a stain on our Democracy for decades.   Very few of the world now trust America who finds it easy not to tell the TRUTH.

Some of us assume the 2020 November Election will correct this problem and remove our Impeached President from office.  I'm no convinced that will will happen.  If  Trump is re-elected America could find itself at War with itself.  Yes an action with the military taking over the Federal Government.  Let us hope this will not happen, but folks that might be the only reasonable solution.

The Virus killing us has shown that a great number of American Citizens will not listen to reason and authority by making it difficult to pay attention to our science experts and run around with AK47 guns over their shoulders yelling stupid ideas that are killing more Citizens.  The 2nd Amendment was not established to allow such stupid activity.  

Trump has been doing his back room moves and his Power Plays will KILL MORE CITIZENS.  This folks is Murder and nothing less will explain his efforts to do so.  He has confessed to this activity by now explaining he has been in High Speed Liar Activity.

Keep in Mind the Very Important Issue of Reinfection of Virus that has not been discussed enough for all to understand. All the sloppy activity and failing decisions dealing with the Opening of thousands of communities can and has a good chance of increasing of more killing.  The Science Experts have made it clear that we are pushing ourselves into a possible Death Hole with this Political Campaign Decision of increasing Deaths.