Monday, March 23, 2020


Trump Life Decisions is causing poor health conditions that could cause death of very sick USA Citizens.   PRESIDENT TRUMP is the Captain of this activity including a great many other Government individuals who have followed his lead with full support.

I can communicate this information based on the thousands of other responsible individuals who will agree with my opinion.  A world wide Virus has moved in to kill a very large portion of the citizens of our planet.  Trump is making it next to impossible to continue a positive policy to save lives.

I could go on for hundreds of pages to give you examples but just turn on your TV and watch the crime of making it difficult to solve this problem.

This 87 year old man can now consider there are only a few weeks or maybe days before I may not be around to watch this CRIME Continue.  I am worried about my family and good friends who will be around to fight this problem.  I just got a message on March 23, 2020 reported an additional 100 citizens died in a few hours this morning.  Now in April DEATH LOOMS AND I WANT TO MARCH TRUMP through the hospitals of those scheduled to DIE of this tragic virus.  Why we allow such a Criminal to lead our nation down the road of death and destruction. History will tell the world how stupid we as a country allowed this to happen.  Reminds me of the 1933 Ovens in Germany.

USA Congress in the mood to sign a bills to assist the USA Citizens with financial support. [Republicans making sure their Corporate friends get more than they need]. Just watch the screw up and confusion in sending money to their citizens as part of the normal Trump sloppy administration operation.

Death is now part of our normal daily activity and we are hearing that Vilance maybe next on the list to punish the Trump Administration for the designed killing decisions against the population.  This is not the answer but can be understood when family is dead because of stupid partisan decisions by Trump.