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Wednesday, April 7, 2021


"πŸ’€πŸ’€"  PARTISAN POSION  has reached a position of political strength based on our two major political party's dark and nasty 😈 activity.  Republicans have a major lead in this failed policy of government and politics.  Democrats have a difficult time in using this procedure because they are always fighting with each other.

PEOPLE POWER πŸ‘« could stop the Republicans, but Tribe Association has taken over the stupid support of stupid ideas.  

This Post may find itself developing into a very long and bitter story of a nation fighting a impossible battle with itself.  Biden, who is not a full structured Democrat, has strong Government Management skills.  Far left Progressives will screw up and join the fake Democrats who like fence sitting for their own benefit.

πŸ’§ πŸ’§ Drop In from time to time and check this story of basic destruction of our Democracy folks.  If We are stupid enough to sit in  a over packed stadium filled with those that will not listen, and willing to die.  Then  to accept and follow Partisan Liars😝 will develop failed stupid decisions.  My Friends and followers from other countries wonder what the Hell are we doing.   

Monday, April 5, 2021

Enhancing Public Safety ??? -- Criminal & Terrorist ??? -- World & Domestic ???

Washington D C, January 6, 2021 Attack of USA Capital, was major attempt to destroy our Democracy.  Neglect and confusion of security resources were responsible for an almost successful result.  Destruction of property and loss of life created a historic event responsible for hundreds of arrest, plus political disaster.  Now three months later we face failed responsibility by corrupt federal government policy, performance, politics, and permanent stain on our nation.

My defined opinion is this activity represented Domestic Terrorist attempt with criminal planning by an organized political effort.  Years may pass before  all who were involved are punished.  Jail terms may find a large number of individuals spending years behind bars.  Some may have spent some time already, but because of Presidential Pardons sentenced again.

The follow up to clean up this mess after three months has been difficult to explain and the pressure by the press is somewhat wild and sloppy.  The rest of the world is watching and puzzled by the continued confusion.  So the fact we have a government agency in place to step in and find solutions has not been communicated to our citizen constituents.  We have 79 plus locations spread out in each state to correct this kind of problem.  I have been trying to get my Florida Congressional Representative, Kat Cammack over a period of 5 weeks to find out what is up or down.  She for some reason will not respond and is very quiet about my request.  This agency is called "Fusion Centers" and is not a shadow group, and explained by just a simple Google. { In fact I called this "National Fusion Center Association" with international connections } 

This association has private sector and citizen connections.  Each state has more than one location listing.  In Florida there is 3 locations.  { I had a conversation with one of the Florida locations recently }  Also recently spoke with a well connected county government source and they never heard of such a agency.  I now will spend more time and effort to contact state officials plus law enforcement.  The media is also on my list of contacts to assist in checking more sources.

I know you wonder why the Hell am I doing this checking ?  Well folks the effectiveness of this strategy has been disputed.  A Senate report in 2012 analyzed 13 months of Fusion Center reports and found no instances where they helped uncover or prevented a terror attack.  It is hard to believe if this effort was operating as described that at least one of the locations should have had information to share with the law enforcement at the capital in Washington D C.