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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Republican Party Establishes Self Destruction & Setting Democracy on Fire

The Republican Party is moving themselves into a strange combative effort that could have self destructive results.  To change state election laws to make it very hard for a target voting population of color to vote in next election.  This early effort gives this part of the community an early start to fight and confirm the Republican Big Lie Political operation.  Both General Media and Social Media will bang the drums of deep dark political policy by the Republican Party.  This can only represent stupid leadership and failed representation that lost their last election.

They lost the fight recently because they tried to lie their way to a win, after losing with a President who is now waiting for the results of unlawful charges and nation wide health decisions killing a large number of citizens.  { Over 500,000 Died }   

The Real President, Joe Biden, has the task of correcting 4 years of corruption an lies.  Building an Adult Administration with qualified leaders to replace a loser President and  his Administration.

This part of American History is hard to live through and all we can hope is our grandchildren will benefit if we correct all of this mess for them.  They may find that their grandchildren might find they were the first to benefit.  Not a very good thought but not impossible. 

I am 88 and see the shade of life coming down to a dark position for me.   America has soiled their Democracy with a complete stain of failure.   Our place in the world has fallen to a very low position.  Our friends and others have lost their interest in keeping America at the top.  We need to clime out of our rotten hole of mistakes.

Yes, I have lots of suggestions for the future.  Will you listen to me and others who feel the same, is a big question.  I am not sure America is ready to clean their dirty wash.  They have little interest in reasonable decisions.  A perfect example is the over 90% of my community refused to wear a protective mask.  They see it as a political badge and continue to take the stupid steps to spread a virus into the community of death.  { Most support the Republican Flag of Failure }

I  have leaned heavy on the Republicans.  The Democrats have serious problems in certain parts of America.  Number one in the Failure activity is Florida.  They are the lost party of ideas and candidates.  Poor Republican Candidates win because they have little or no competition.  My Congressional Representative has no experience in finding solutions or knowledge of professional representation.  { She is the 3rd Representative in a row with the same failed background over 30 years }

I can only wish for a Better America and hope this difficult task will find its way to success with our new Real President, Biden.  The push will be hard and Republicans will keep the pressure of the failure light shinning as long as they can.  You and I need to keep the wind of success blowing this light out.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Republican Sinking Political Party

I was reading about some of my experiences as a Republican Leader back during the Nixon Times.  Remembering how they handled the Nixon problems while keeping a strong approach to their governing responsibility.  Today, they find themselves lost in dangerous and corrupt activity, losing thousands of Republican Voters.  Violence, as one of their decisions is making America look bad and stupid in the world.   This behavior has spilled into the Democratic Party because they are having a difficult time trying to govern. 

All this trouble has given the poor performing elected officials an opportunity to make bad and stupid decisions.  World wide reputation is now sinking into a very deep dark hole of failure. 

Without mentioning the individual by name, as the chief destructive criminal and so called leader,  we find ourselves lost and very much like the Germans found themselves  in 1933. 

Washington is now experiencing a fully organized administration fighting off a broken government busted by this unnamed so called leader.  The dark groups and his followers are now filled with destructive and violent plans to kill those they hate while setting  our Democracy on fire.

Locking up this so called leader is a growing wish by all who want to bring back our Democracy.

Monday, February 22, 2021

Avoiding Emerging Jan. 6 Type Threats **Fusion Authority**

The Spill Bean Breaking News, is America already has, organized  Fusion authority to find and establish necessary assistance to find and control Active Violent Groups.  Each state has its own local administrative set up for Emerging Threats. { Use present government authority for assistance with this kind of serious problem }

I am trying to convince our Congressional Representative to meet with our local elected officials {Local, County, and State} to work with Florida's Fusion Agency to set forth programs for North Central Florida, to take the necessary steps to address all organized groups with possible planning to start Violent Events.   This Agency already has the necessary contacts with additional  community authority.  Since certain organizations are now communicating their interest in killing government officials, we need to stop this effort.  

This information on Fusion Centers is now fully explained for the public, {Just Google} but not discussed or reported by the media.  Lets make sure everyone knows, including our Violent Friends, we as citizens will be encouraged to report any kind of knowledge related to Violent Plans to this agency 24/7.  Stop the Plan is better than following investigations of a deadly event after it happens.

Then we need the front page news journalists to research this information giving America the understanding that Jan 6 type disaster will be very difficult to repeat.  Making sure the next time you see a uniform, it is the real thing and not an angry Activist.

We give notice by force when required, to other countries when they attack us by killing our citizens.  Seems attacking our citizens within our borders should have the same result.  Inspection of organized locations for training of this kind of operation should be part of our Fusion Responsibility.  Time to take necessary steps to stop this unlawful activity.

Sunday, February 21, 2021


Be Your Community Spokes-Woman or Man

Communities are not taking the necessary steps to consider their power to achieve solutions in their area.  Quite often elected officials will not take the necessary steps to solve problems. Solving community issues can be activated by a citizen without being an elected official.  Often an interested citizen is best suited to accomplish reasonable solutions without the interference of politics.  Elected Office Holders will pay attention to strong individuals moving to achieve problem solving solutions.

I have encouraged many individuals to take the responsibility to solve serious issues.  It requires a good suggestion by taking the necessary steps to become  involved.   This Blog  has suggested ideas to encourage many communities in America to take the necessary steps to help  build a "Just and Meaningful Country". 

I am going to encourage Twitter Participants to make an effort to spread the word and help  build a strong program in Citizen Community Service.  Politics is important and needs to be part of our efforts.  


Make Your Call  or   Email !!

Do It Now !!!

Thanks !!!!


START community interest in the control of hate, anger and violence associated with political differences.  Defeating differences using Violence will spin the wheels of failure to change the ideas and values of others based on a very long list of issues.  Breaking windows and killing will only extend the time spent fighting a losing battle.  

Starting a third political party has proven to only confuse and increase the battle to solve problems.  I had first hand experience in this activity that had a good feeling that spilled back into the same problems the two major parties had failed to solve.  Human Nature does not change by just changing the name.

Clubs and hand cuffs will only increase the pain and anger associated with violence.  A plan by the community to establish trust, plus safety is the only effort to ensure any kind of success.  Government can begin this effort by working with all levels of government.

I am suggesting in my community to try this kind of activity.  First getting Federal and State Elected Officials to meet to discuss adjusting if required,  to help solve this problem.  Just yesterday I spent time on the phone suggesting this to the staff of my Congressional Representative.  A small step to keep the effort from starting a Republican and Democratic struggle.  Trust and meeting the needs of constituents without team fighting is necessary.

I have strong opinions about what I have seen as failure of both political parties in the state of Florida.  If I can help place the weapon of differences into a neutral place,  maybe common sense and trust can win this battle. In my 50 years of planning solutions,  fighting in politics has been hard but not impossible to sit and make a reasonable deal to success. 

Now, 60 to 70 percent of Americans want to solve our differences. Government is not perfect but they are our best chance to GET IT FIXED.