Monday, April 1, 2019

Poetry~"Memory Challenge" by Bob Hallman

This Blogger writes Poetry, not often but when the Spirit gets started.  Although Public Issues is my passion, communicating in more than one medium is a writer's Dream.  I just recently decided to write a few Poems to keep my balance in Reaching the Public. I can and will continue to be a bit Hard Nosed about Social Justice.  I feel Poetry is an exercise in explaining Human Nature. My Poem This Time is a message about my recent Fall and Why Writing is part of the Recovery.


Memory Challenge

"86" -- Just Won't Stop Writing
Blogger or Poet -- More Exciting
Forgotten History-- by Nasty Fall
Writing Poems -- to Re-Install

Keeping active -- Remembering Facts
My written Blog to Interact
An Injured Brain can mean Forget
A Written word can help Reset

The Head that needs to Exercise
Will help the Memory be Surprised
The Words can help Repair my Life
A Written Word is Worth the Fight


I am working on a few more poems for you and from time to time will Share my Moments of Poetry. It is my intention to continue this Blog for as long as you want to read my interpretation of our Life and Responsibilities.

Thanks for Reading the Blog
Bob Hallman

Friday, December 7, 2018


Be Your Community Spokes-Woman or Man

Communities are not taking the necessary steps to consider their power to achieve solutions required in their cities or their entire county....Quite often elected officials will not take the necessary steps to solve problems facing your community...Solving community issues can be activated by a citizen without being an elected official...Often a good and interested citizen is best suited to accomplish reasonable solutions without the interference of politics...Elected Office Holders will pay attention to strong individuals moving to achieve problem solving solutions [ Watch Out for the next Election ]...

I have had the pleasure to encourage many individuals to take such a responsibility and solve serious issues...It requires not just the talk a good story but walk the necessary steps to get the community involved...This Blog [ ] is starting a program to encourage many communities in America to take the necessary steps to help us all to build a "Just and Meaningful Country"...And now experiencing poor political efforts by both political parties [ Politics is part of the problem and needs Community Correction Surgery ]...

I am going to attack Twitter Participants to make an effort to spread the word and help in my effort to build a strong program in "Citizen Community Service to Solve Problems"...Politics is important and needs to be part of this effort but not to enhance or promote a political party...Country or Community COMES FIRST...If a Political Party wants to help or assist in such a program their help will be appreciated...

This is an American Project but will be please to have any community in the world to listen and consider a like program in their community...I have a large International audience and will accept any ideas being used in this kind of program in any part of the world  [The World is a VERY LARGE COMMUNITY]...

SO HOW DO WE START ???...Instead of a instructional explanation I need to receive a number of REAL LIFE PROBLEM ISSUES to use as REAL LIFE EXAMPLES to Move this Program FORWARD...TALK TALK TALK is not my Idea of a Effective Start....





Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Asking Democrats --> In New Congress.. "Be Smart"

Let's Be Smart Congressional Democrats...You received nine million more votes collectively than the Republicans...Show  America That Country comes before Political Party and how smart and clean government works...Legislative your guts out and bring back honest representation...Don't fret the Impeachment Process that seems necessary and can ride along with legislative responsibility...

Smart means not the time to fight and shoot yourself in the foot...Differences are healthy and keep your feet off the third rail of self destruction...Make the management and direction of government to find the way to move all efforts to solution and "Get It Done"....None of this drip drip of weeks and months smoothing the wrinkles out...The media and and those like me will take our shots as we have at the Republicans...

Don't let Trump and his crowd of red hats and Republicans trap you into not serious consideration of Impeachment...Make the investigations clean and effective...Keep the CNN interviews limited to information and limited shooting at the enemy...Keep Impeachment Process with directing the issues that will make the Senate look bad and dangerous for not voting Trump to the final wave event...

I have spent over 50 years living the fear that someday we would find ourselves in the mess we now need to clean up...the Money Bags, Lobbyists, Corporate Rats, and Republicans will be spending lots of bucks to make sure you all will fail...We want to help and you need to get us involved...Help is required to get the tired and limp Democratic Party out of their rusty positions...Their TOP DOWN PARTY requires letting new blood an old blood to mix and become effective...The Fights are with the Republicans Folks...

The Democratic 2020 Club needs to organize now [January 2019] and not just a few weeks before the Election for President in 2020...We need to meet the Rural Folks soon and make them know we want government that both of us need to protect our Grandchildren and their future...


Friday, November 23, 2018

Hey USA & WORLD...Consider " IGNORING TRUMP " World Wide Idea & Protest

IGNORING  TRUMP.....An idea based on World Wide Protest to Convince all Media to give this Guy the best Disruptive Shock to the most  Destructive Political and so called leader [small L in Leader] of America...Report the News without the PICTURES of Trump and convince as Citizens of the World to explain to the Owners of the Media Sources their need to FOLLOW this Policy...The 1st Amendment will not be Violated if the News is Communicated leaving Trump out in the cold and moving forward with HIS LIES and his Activity to ENRICH HIMSELF because of his Winning the White House by taking **2nd Place** WITH THE AMERICAN POPULAR VOTE...

Example: News Flash Policy..... " American Government has made  the decision to close the borders of their country based on the lack of evidence that those wanting to enter are criminals " ...Using the word Government instead just Trump places the pressure on the AMERICAN Senate and Congress to take the HIT of Responsibility to let this kind of  "So Called Leadership" Destroy American Democracy and also Destroy World Wide Foreign Policy...

Remember 1933 in Germany and the movement of Destructive Politics and Killing that caused the 2nd World War...[TRUMP **NOW ** USING MILITARY TO ADVANCE HIS POWER LIKE 1933 GERMAN POLICY... The Democratic Party in America taking charge of Congress in 2019 needs to Take Charge and Remove the Destructive Decisions Made by the Republican Party...Impeachment is Necessary and not going Too Far or An Over Reach in the the need to take back America...The Senate who will take the chance to Destroy America by leaving Trump in Office and then Create a "Lost America" for the rest of the World Watching and giving those interesting in more Destruction A Chance To "Take Over "...Sitting as Spectators while also Sitting On Our Hands and Watching this all Happen is Leaving Our Grandchildren a LOST WORLD.... 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

QUESTIONS ? Is Trump's Cooperation Propaganda with Russia --TREASON ??

Wow !...Now stepping into the dark mud of Russian's Propaganda Army of twisting information that has been consumed by the American Public for decades...Russians know that Americans will believe a lot of lies without checking for the  facts or history or the source...Look at the crowds that believe the continuous lies by Trump...Yes like in Germany in 1933...Trump in concert with Russian Propaganda has taken America into a well developed communication program filled with lies that have made the U. S. Government filled with investigations and more liar activity...Senate and Congressional Representatives have join this program and have become supporting agents of Trump...

This Liar activity has developed a partisan war between Republicans and Democrats...Republicans for the most part have jump into Trump's battle truck of Democracy Destruction very much like other Fascist Governments...His flag of America's first Dictator is making other governments in the world worried and not interest in the New Lost America...So to the Question is Trump ripe for the title of first USA President involved with Treason?...

What will the Historians write in their books of explanation of American History for our grandchildren to read?...Treason is a sharp charge and I am not the expert to make such a decision but nothing can stop a guy from asking a question...Putin Trump's  overseas friend sure seem to like our new trashy government direction and performance...

To my international audience there are folks like me who want all this crap to stop...So  many Americans think things are just fine and like the stupid fight Trump is making...Soon if not later they will wonder what has happen to their country and why they have made a very bad mistake supporting Trump who I am wondering is he involved with the act of Treason ?...

Our new maybe sleepy House of Representatives (Congress) soon to be run by Democrats want to walk slowly and keep it cool without too much fight and healthy Impeachment activity...They know the Senate tribe will not represent their constituents and dump a very dangerous President...I guess my reaction is the lack of government responsibility might not do well on TV for our friends in the Republican Senate...

So I return to the Question...Will the American public continue to be the confused spectators of the past ?...Or will the protesting get nasty and find some cars set on fire and create the fighting smoke that would not be necessary if those wearing their red hats had not repeated the the history of Germany in 1933.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Recent History of War & Politics

We have been living in an historic War Cycle for a very long period of time. It has created a difficult way of life for the small percentage of our population that enlisted (Both Men & Women) into the Armed Forces. Our volunteer military citizen force has repeatedly returned to the battle fields as many as 10 times to foreign locations. Documentation films, books and articles feature difficult times these individuals and their families have endured.  I had a military education with an interest in a military career and graduated from one of our Military Colleges. It is hard to understand the difficult times experienced by these individuals and the families that support them. Watching  a documentary or reading a written story is forgotten almost immediately. Watching film of these families saying goodbye to close family members returning to the battle field is impossible to understand without first hand experience.   

War Politics is a difficult part of our history. Decisions concerning the need or importance of War will always be debated in this country.   Our leadership has made a great many mistakes that has stained our Democracy.  Often the need to fight for our very existence has been necessary. Like the rest of our Politics it has been the Special Interests who have designed our policy to take on conflicts with failed results. (President Eisenhower warned us we were moving in this direction)

History and our mistakes are not considered in War Policy Decisions. It is hard to understand why this continues to happen. Nation building has been our Achilles Heel. Convincing ourselves we are building another Democracy that will help our new pals doesn't work. Our present Managed Democracy as apposed to the original Self Govern Democracy is changing the culture of this nation. Those in the Special Interest Business who see War as a chance for improving personal wealth are destructive and criminal.

We live on a planet that will always include conflicts.  Honest and Intelligent Politics could be a reasonable solution to limit these kinds of Tragic Events.  Both political parties include Hawk Candidates for the Presidential Election in 2016. The Flag Waving political ads will fill the TV screens.

Without listing the Countries and War locations, how are we doing?  (Not so good) The Body Bags are still coming back to the Delaware Air Base with the Draped Flags. Why do our citizens tolerate this outcome?  Security is important but mistakes still continue as part of our history?  

This criticism and opinion is written by a very patriotic guy who loves this country.  I consider myself an "Equal Opportunity Critic" and find myself very upset with the leadership results and poor public trust. A good fight that all share in the costs with full participation is not our policy. Why not? 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Trusting Congress ???

A 10 year drafted budget passed the House of Representatives, March 25, 2015, 228 to 199.  This vote represented the Republican Budget that will cut domestic spending and increase Military spending.  The Democrats also voted on a Budget that would raise taxes on the wealthy and increased domestic spending as an investment on the future. This vote was defeated 264 to 160. Details concerning these political movements in Congress can only make sense if we have the details explaining the reasons for the difference in the two budget votes. 

One would think that a Congressional Representative would explain his or hers position on each vote to it's Constituents. (That means how it affects those they represent in an reasonable detailed fashion)  These Partisan Votes are especially worthy of individual position explanation since the counting of the votes is usually decided in each Political Party Caucus. (Partisan decision meeting prior to vote)

Based on my past experience, Congressional Representatives who fail to respond or explain difficult issues associated with proposed legislation do not understand the vote decisions. This important elected office requires Good Character and Competence.