Tuesday, November 15, 2022

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Y -> Is America spilling over with political misunderstanding ?

Y -> Do you vote without checking a candidate's qualifications ?

Y -> Do we believe government lies and bad decisions ?

Y -> Are we filled with Toxic Poison land fills and sites without proper cleanup decisions ?

Y-> Does America keep killing citizens because of poor Gun Laws ?

Y->  Do Republicans pass Legislation in Red States to keep citizens from voting ??

Y - >  Do Democrats sit back and waste time fighting with each other ?

Y - > Do we think gas price is the Presidents responsibility ?

Y - > Do we allow stupid people with GUNS allowed at protests ? { Why not set up sections for gun types be alone and shoot at each other }

Y - > Does our Justice Department take for ever to get their job done ???

Did you think this was all ?  More to come for a long list !!  

Friday, November 11, 2022


Can we believe Environment is on the front burner for the world ?   Climate Change is all part of this problem and the world has meetings and then nothing seems to encourage a solution.  The world is melting away as we watch.  Our oil gang is not too happy about the suggested ideas for a solution.  They  are a strong and big problem.  Its money folks, and we seem to be interested but not supporting the answers to the problems.  The governments talk the talk while waiting for America.  We put our blue suit on and make a promise.  Then come home and bang heads with the Oil Gang.  Some times a little push, but not a hard shove. 

More Folks ->  Environment -Very Important !


Well guys its time to LET the LADIES Improve Our Life, Government, Politics and Clean Up Your MESS. 

Sorry guys but CHANGE has been waiting for America to understand the need for THIS Important Decision.

This Guy, Bob Hallman, has wanted this change to take place ASAP.  So Men Do not be stupid and try to place us back into the past Failures. 

The world will react positive to this event.  America has made it clear that this Stupid Activity was not going to continue.

This was an American Win.  Democrats need to take advantage to this change and DO NOT Screw Up !!  They need to take this chance to clean up Poor & Failed Political Problems in Their Party

The Democrats Failed Organization in FLORIDA !  Republicans in Florida did not Win, but Democrats LOST!!!

Florida Democrats have been sliding down as a failed organizations for 25 years in Florida.  Consider my opinion, since I had first hand experience in this issue.  This can not be blamed on Trump.

Florida Democrats have had Poor and Failed State Candidates for Decades. They can not do this themselves.  It is Failed Leadership and lazy efforts to accomplish any kind of effective political organization.  {Trump should feel right at home with this gang }

This last Election was the first time in over 25 years an outstanding  Candidate  ran for the Federal Senate.  In fact a Candidate that hopeful will kick ass in Florida to get things going in the right direction !! The National Democratic  Party Leadership has not stepped up to solve this problem.  Too interested in fighting with themselves. 

Friday, October 28, 2022

Importance of Social Capital


Social Capital --------->

 Social Capital is define a number of ways, based on the opinion of those who try to define its importance.  My interest involves the human attention given to Public Issues.  The quality of attention is developed by all kinds of influence by communication devices built by so many special interest, in competition with each other.

Media of all types, --> Government, Organized Political Sources, Religion, Educational Sources, Individual World Countries, and Folks Like Me.  [others could be included}  

Beliefs or Objectives involvement is an important part of this human structure.  Some call it, "Culture Industry".  So my position of its importance involves the use of these  human devices.  The twisted lies and very bad information mixed in with other bad events, like violence will destroy our lives. 

I live with a large senior community including mostly those from ages 65 to as high as 110.  {mostly 70's & 80"s}.  We have lived through a certain part of history that has given us certain feelings of order and lawfulness.  However many are influenced by the bad influence dumped by the "American Corporate, "Profit Before or Instead of Customers".  Greed is an Important Business Issue with only Corporate Investment as Number ONE !   They just do not give a Damn about Us. 

Now in 2022 we find a political influence is pushing America into a structure very much like a growing Fascist Government.  History will document this horrible life, we have recently experienced. 

This post will be assigned to Twitter, to include the Social Media to take pop shots at this presentation.  That is part of the Social Capital we find ourselves in today.

History will leave a scar on our political events of lies and violence.  The acceptance of this kind of politics is an F- Grade assigned to our culture.  A serious Report Card, that says we Flunked.


Thursday, October 27, 2022

Almost 25% Retired Americans Live Off Social Security--Republicans want to STOP Social Security !!!


Consider the Republican interest in stopping Social Security.  This is the only income received by almost 25% of retired individuals in America.   Corporate America has stopped pension plans because they just want that money for their CEO's, who make in some cases, 400% more than their employees.

If you are one of the almost 25%, my Blog wants to communicate your need to stop the Republican attack of the retirement community.  I am part of that community and want America to understand the nasty and stupid interest of the Republicans.

This is not a new project of the Republicans.  Their interest to punish seniors is well known and understood.  To be frank, they just do not give a damn.  They are the army of destruction.  I think it is time to give them some destruction.  

This Blog's interest is in full support of the senior community.  It represents an Influence purpose to communicate all facts associated with this very important part of the American. 


Saturday, October 22, 2022


Update Info. Comes 

Soon Folks !  {by 11/15}  

💀 KILLER TOXIC WASTE --->  "114" Toxic Sites in New Jersey & "295" Total Sites --> Jersey-New York-Pennsylvania.  North East Very Bad !!

Millions of Americans live near a Superfund Toxic Site. One in six Americans live within 3 miles of toxic waste sites spreading Chemicals like, Mercury, Lead, Asbestos, Arsenic, and so many other dangerous toxins. 

At least 1700 locations with this kind of problem reported since 1980.  Not until lately, the Infrastructure law, Biden pushed through, limited major attention has been done in over 25 Years. Republicans, {no surprise Republican Senate, stopped the law that made guilty corporations pay to clean them up}  

Well folks this kind of environment crime takes decades to make a difference.  Starting again is good, but will take a very long time to clean some of them up. {Wood treatment sites and  nuclear sites will never improve}.  A nuclear site near St Louis was reported again just recently and closed a high School for maybe for ever. 

I worked with a number of communities to correct its toxic site during a period of 10 years.  Little was done because of the politics paid for by Corporate America, the guilty toxic spilling gang.  Killing Americans seems to be their Regular Corporate Policy.

So toxic waste, stop Social Security, keep wage rates low as possible, limit benefits, and anything to keep their profits higher and higher is our America corporate influence.   

Wednesday, October 19, 2022



4Spillingthebeans.com Blog, will take on the Responsibility of a  "Influence Specialist" to help Senior & Public Issues.  

This Blog is building a Influence Agenda, to improve Public & Senior Issues.  The Blog Posts will publish information designed to influence changes to improve the problems faced by our population.  Research will explain the effort of forces involved with poor policy and government decisions.->4spillingthebeans.com<-Blog, has made an effort to express an opinion based on the available research concerning so many issues.  Present sources have made it difficult to suggest reasonable solutions.  A Major Political Party is making a major effort to defeat American Democracy.  This destructive idea has given America a bad name and position in the world.  Its hard to advise other countries, when you are filled with criminal politics.  The recent Mid-Term Election is a new positive sign that America has decided to dump all this negative and destructive policy supported by the Republican Political Party.  A fight to stop this bad movement must continue to stay active. Our courts have joined the destructive program.  The rights of American citizens is challenged every day.  Lies seem to be the language most used by our destructive community.  Violence has been introduced, to scare those who want changes.  History will repeat their rotten plan to make America a failed nation.  A fight to stop this shameful action, must take a strong move.  Sitting with folded hands is not an option.

Keep fighting America!!!  

Monday, October 17, 2022

" Echoes From The Past !! " *Remember* " History Is NOT A Fairytale !! " *Truth Represents Honesty !!!*

This information, represents both facts and opinion. This Post, explaining to our older folks, about all the lies and criminal actions.   We need to explain to ourselves the requirement to filter the lies and follow up on the criminal activity.

Difficult as it is, this Post will try to balance all necessary issues involved.  

I have explained in detail, in an earlier Post, the 1933 political action in Germany.

The politics in Germany created a political crisis to make it difficult to form a majority government. (Sounds like NOW in the USA) . 

Their German Democracy, then moved to a Dictatorship.  The voting public were mad as hell at their government based on a poor World World War 1 settlement. {America has to deal with a poorly informed voting public stirred up by lies created by Democracy Removers }

This is a perfect example of "Echoes From The Past".  Public information twisted, to create an action of lies to give special advantages to  special interests in politics  that creates dishonesty. We are now experiencing tragic events.

We have MOVED TO vote our way out of this disaster.  November was our first shot to achieve this goal.  So folks, this month of 10/2022, the Supreme Court, will hear a case for a State to NULIFY FEDERAL SENATE AND REPRESENATIVES ELECTIONS.  In addition, our Supreme Court has its own agenda, dumping past decisions. { a step toward having a Dictator }  They have set the fire of political disaster.  Democracy was in a serious position in America. Lets hope the Election results will start a better result.