Monday, November 22, 2021

Poem of HATE -- Decades of Hate Now Winning The Hate War.

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 World Hate War Is Winning


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Saturday, November 20, 2021

MORE LIFE EXPERIENCES -- "Political Warfare & Destruction of Government"



"Political Warfare" represents thousands of political battlefields in America.  We all take sides and little or no reasonable governing is a result of this dark culture.  Months fly by with difficult "Life Experiences" of those who have been elected to administer our "Life Experiences". 

I find it very hard to believe any change will take place for many years.  The American Democracy has been damaged beyond fixing.  Washington DC is filled with hate and anger.  America has taken this activity on as our "Way of Life Experience Position".

Monday, November 8, 2021

"Leaving Bias Critical" --REPLACING WITH-- "Promoting Successful Life Experiences"


Well Folks ---- 

I have been blasting my opinion in this Blog and Twitter since August 2015.  Tired of all the hate and corruption and refuse to continue my Critical Spill Bean Opinion.  This post will start a promotion of positive independent opinion and information for my World Wide Audience.


 Today is November 22, 2021 and hopeful start of positive policy to be presented in this Blog and  Twitter.

Negative information will become part of my journey in communication.  So much is filling the world with very bad experiences and issues.  America has taken a deep fall into troubled waters of troubled human activity.  

I will try to make decisions to discuss what seems to me as a issue that I have more than an average knowledge.   

 A recent report of toxic material has effected a certain state in America.  My 10 years of research on this subject will build an explanation of how government can be the reason for death to our population.  I studied the Superfund Site Problem in America and interviewed a great many of those dealing with this issue.  Location and names of individuals will not be part of this communication.  Personal experiences will give detailed information.

The Toxic Issues represents so many public problems dealing with Corrupt Corporations spilling toxic waste into the neighborhoods of America.  Often, and almost always the neighborhoods are those who have very little money or resources to fight the poison that has killed thousands of the unreported.  The President Carter Administration tried to solve the problem and failed.  An nation wide guess is that their are thousands of toxic sites in America, that have not been reported.  Official number is something near 1,700 locations on record in America with the EPA. It has been my experience this is so poorly organized the the number is only a fraction of the problem.

There have been several Federal Senate attempts to take the necessary steps to solve the problem.  Not one President has made a successful effort to change the problem of Citizens faced with sickness and death.  I see this information as "positive" to communicate a fact and lack of correcting a serious problem. 

My "Life Experience" with this problem represents at least TEN YEARS of my time to find little concern by government to step in and fix it.  The experiences are more than troubling.