Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Changing Post Info--> "Public Issues, Employment & College Admissions"

    New Blog SUBJECTS -->  Starting September 15, 2021 will discuss Public, Recruiter of Any Position or Responsibility and  College Admission Issues plus  Assistance Information & Action !!!!!!!!!

My reason for making changes with my Blog Information, is to Discuss and Assist those who read my presentation. Life is complicated.  I like to think my information and assistance make a POSITIVE DIFFERENCE.

This introduction Post represents a return to a very long journey of my experiences. Retired and now returning to these subjects, want to Assist those who read and interact with me.  New ideas and old experience makes for a recipe for success. 

I will return to create further facts and information in the weeks ahead and feel this project will bring positive results  to those who follow and participate.       

Starting September 18, 2021  and beginning to explain my interest in the three Issues listed above.   If you are a follower of this Blog, you will note that "College Admission" has been added to my interest.  I spent four years in an College Admission Responsibility.  Experiencing a conversation with a prospective student is filled with lots of positive expectation.

I am considering working from my home as a Remote College Recruiter or Career Coaching service.  Lot more fun than recruiting CEO Types for a large Corporation.  There are thousands of openings for all levels of employment.  Pushing the New Employment Job Opening I find  more opportunity than individuals looking.  The Recruiters trying to push your buttons to sign up for all kinds of not so hot jobs.  Seems that too many jobs are paying lower salaries.  Good for Recruiter because you will go back soon to look elsewhere.

My interest is to polish my recruiter image to give me working spark for an idea that may come up this January 2022.  College Admission with Federal Government stepping in with paying for Community Colleges will change the college education business.  How do you recruit for something that is FREE ?  Education Teaching Jobs will represent a large number of openings.  Career Coaching has become important based on the hard nose interviewing and recruiting activity.