Sunday, March 26, 2023

Listing Possible FUTURE Articles or Posts { SEE Following POST INFORMATION That Mention Other Media Locations }


LIST of  TEN 💥 

"Undercover Truth"

"Drinking Lead Murder"

"Winning With Less"

"Toxic Seed Crime"

"Should Seniors Start Unions?"

"Elections --Their History"

"Less College Years & Cost"

"Why Political Parties?"

"One Way Ticket To School Gun Killing"

"Baseball Bat to Visit Our Courts"

                               Sad & Troubling 😔

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Posts (in Future} will Include Research, Opinion, Suggestions or Solutions Concerning Public Issues. {Often Referred From Twitter Location}

My policy for the most part represents communicating a reasonable and knowledgeable association with me and the World of Public Issues.  I like to call my listing of issues as "Like What" subjects and the Why.

I represent what might be considered a Senior View at my retirement age. The map on the face of this Blog shows the large number of World Wide contact with others.  I have been writing this Blog since 2015.  I like the contact and hope to  continue.

2023 has brought a number of difficult issues to our attention with our government's participation.  War in its second year, started by Putin, China is starting to give us a scare, financial problems that seem to represent another 2008 issue.   Nasty politics in America that started about 10 years ago.

I am, based on  the political issue, an Independent.  {My  Defined Title}  I have worked with both Major political parties and the start up of a third party.  The time period has been  more decades than I want to admit.   It makes me somewhat of a Historian on this subject.  All kinds of problems but sometimes a lot of fun.     

An issue that has given a lot of us the feeling that the powerful and the very very rich can get away with a lot.  This is not new, and we have not been paying attention. Lots of us are are speaking out to clean up our mistakes.