Thursday, June 16, 2022

How You Built Your History !!

My History has interesting flash backs of experience that are all part of a My Total Life. I remember when the family decision, was to send me to finish my High School Education at a Military Prep School.  This part of my education has never left me as I now draw near my 90th Birthday. 

I started, September 1950 when I arrived at Chester Pennsylvania, location of Pennsylvania Military Prep School. {Part of the Campus of PMC, The Pennsylvania Military College }.  There were those that called this military education campus the West Point of The Keystone State. 

So two years in Prep School and the decision to follow into the Military College, PMC.  Great College with college professors with many years of experience in their field.  Not military experience, but professional experience in college education.  A small college with students from all over the world.

So a major in Economics, and a uniform identical to West Point with Stripes added each year.  President in my 2nd, 3rd and 4th year.  I wanted to have a career in the Military.  But life changes because of those things that can not be expected.  In my second year I was unable to pass the physical requirements to receive a Commission in the Military Service.  My goal had been a Military Career.  This change was not stopping me to finish my education at PMC.  I had become a important part of this college and glad I finished my college education there.

My Military Environment was a shinning feature of my education and developed a solid background for a civilian career.  My Cadet life was filled with stories and adventure. Leadership and responsibility for others is all part of the Cadet Life.  In your Senior year the entire Cadet Student Body is the full responsibility of the Senior Cadet Officers. As the Senior Class President and Cadet Officer, with the Top Cadet Officer, had the responsibility of the entire Student Cadet day to day supervision.   

Graduation in June 1956, ready to start a career. Home for only three days and at my Father's office one night creating a resume, received a call from the Vice President of the College.  "Bob would you consider a position in our Admissions Office ?"  So four more years at PMC and now Ten Years at PMC, an Important  Part of my Life.

This story is repeated over and over with Military Education developing an Educational Experience for both Male and Female Students. A large percentage of the  graduates do not go into the Military.  Just a good solid background experience.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022


I am not satisfied with our present team structure based on what we have been brain washed as team assignments.  Right - Left or Conservative - Progressive.  Both Teams need hard brush cleaning of direction and purpose.  

Before my explanation and details of my theory, consider what kind of country we are looking for to represent an Honest Organized America.  We can Test a Theory of Honesty by working the position of our operation from the Stadium of "Reasonable Honesty".

So let's be honest to begin with and admit that change is slow and difficult.  Our present structure will not make a change or consider cleaning as a procedure.  Leadership is dusty with past directive mistakes based on the power of those only interested in their influence on our so called Democracy.  America needs to accept the the position of World Leader in keeping us alive and successful.  Our leadership can be twisted and stained if the power of influenced by leadership is only interested in Special Advantages.

Too often our administrative and government operation is slowed down by all types of self interest lobby pressure to keep the corporate community happy and rich.  Sorry that this is not honest.  Special Advantage has to be stopped and punished for their pressure. The Industry for guns must realize that killing children is not an honest policy for the Leader of The World.  Drugs and Insurance Industry needs a very hard brush of cleaning to enforce honest business practice.  There is a long list of cleaning to improve the lives of Americans and their partners in World Improvement.

So Who Are We ?  Is the honest approach sound difficult ?  Will the corporate lobby keep the rules of "Dirt" as Policy"?  Will the rest of the world realize America is not built to lead ?  Is our grandchildren going to find we were not able to clean up a mess that will place them in a dirty world of corruption.

For god sakes pay attention to the government activity and their poor administrative structure of confusion and failure.  Keep informed with services like "Vote Smart .Com" that keep track of the dirty acts of those elected and corrupt.  Vote party if the candidate is going to give us a 40 hour week of work and performance.  Start work on Monday and leaves work on Friday like you and I have done for years. (set a work week to give reasonable off hours opportunity)  Make sure the Court System changes back from their Political Structure of Corruption. (Clean off the Republican Dust from their Black Robes)


The K.K.K.A ("Keep Killing Kids America", supported and their influence to encourage this history of gun killing on School Campus locations in all parts of America.  "Keep Killing Kids Republicans" have stopped all efforts to stop this criminal policy for decades. Democrats in their usual sleepy effort to change this policy have failed to stop it.

Why not drag these Republican Senate Killers into a long and hard session without leaving Washington until stop the killing legislation is accomplished. The present President should visit the session daily asking for progress.  Why should any country do business with an American Government that can not stop killing their kids.

Just this week 19 & 10 year old kids, died by a  GUN built for war activity only and available in Texas to be purchased by a teenager, mad at the world for some reason.  Sloppy effort and all too many mistakes were used to stop this event and was a total failure.  "WHO ARE WE"? to make it easy to kill 9 & 10 year old kids ?  Well My opinion is a lazy, corrupt, don't care, and sloppy government influenced by the Republican Party.  (Democrats have piece of this action Also).

So do I sound Angry?  You bet your Ass I am !!!  

   YEA I am still angry !!!

I send my opinion to the White House on a regular basis.  Do I think they consider my opinion ?  No no no no no.  Why, well they think they are smarter than me.  Maybe they are right , but I do not think so.  I use both the history method and human science including experience to develop an opinion.  They are working with a government policy that needs honesty and consideration of others.  We are not even close to having that kind of government.  Money money money is a major factor with out honesty.  100 years from now folks this will be the same problem.  We need to work around it to stay alive and deal with an imperfect system.

Good sample is the 2nd Amendment and the language that explains how important we think it means.  Having more guns than people is not what it means.  Killing a 10 year old kid is not a good reason.  In fact what the hell does it mean. ???  Why do we listen to the gun industry for guidance ??   Money is the reason we do in my opinion.

I keep asking Who Are We?

The Human Science of not paying attention to our so called reasonable and so called honest government is part of a define part of our structure.  We let too many rotten human types take us down the road of failure.  

So we are back to the cleaning statement that seems impossible to find enough citizens to make this an important decision.  The Army of Destruction is taking our nation down the road of very bad decisions and performance.  Our present Governments { Federal & State } and leadership is trying, but too slow in administrating good decisions.